Portrait of shareholder

Portrait of shareholder

Gérald Bergeron, Director General

            Some people in life have a boundless ambition and nothing can stop their rapid rise up the business ladder. Gérald Bergeron is one of these people. Well known for his knowledge and experience in the field of machining and welding, Gerald Bergeron is co-owner and Director General at Métatube. Having amassed more than 20 years’ experience in workshop and factory, 17 of which as manager, the operational leader’s professional advancement matched up to the height of his abilities.

            His association with François Gagné in 2013 was an obvious match, the two new buyers were perfectly paired. His professional and operational knowledge make Gérald Bergeron the man for the job in hand with the ambitions looming on the horizon. Formerly the owner of a machine shop, with his finger on the pulse of the industry for the last twenty years, the control of the production is rapidly handed over to him, resulting in a resounding success. Combine this with his integrity, initiative and perfectionism, the Director General of Métatube accomplishes challenges with eagerness and confidence.

            Consultation with others is paramount for the head of the manufacturing: the levels of respect shown with regard to his employees as well as his associate bear witness to this. It is also this spirit of collaboration, constantly at the forefront, which helped to propel the levels of growth of the company.

Francois Gagné, Director of Human Resources / Business development

            At an age when most are only thinking about having a good time, François Gagné was already putting all of his efforts into his chosen line of work. The ease at which he moved within the business world would lead you to believe that he was brought up there for a very young age. With a highly impressive résumé to his name, his experience in management and business development had him destined to become a company director. Already, his innovative approach towards the staff and his notion of team work assure him the confidence needed for entrepreneurship.

            In September of 2013, he spots a challenge that matches the height of his passions. The acquisition of Métatube provides the opportunity to put to work his creative vision and to benefit from his experience in Human resource management. In quick time, his analytical style joined with his management experience brings out the strengths and potential of this mechanical welding company. Ambitious as he is, he puts at the forefront a development strategy cleverly combined with extensive planning. His contagious motivation and energy along with his expert understanding of the know-how of his team quite simply ignite the growth of Métatube.

            His greatest leadership quality is his capacity to listen. Well aware that the perfect partners are required for such a challenge, he rapidly identifies he who will become an indispensable ally, The Director General Gérald Bergeron. The two leaders are immediately on the same wave length, as if they have always known each other. The symbiosis is spectacular and they share in the same values. The combination of their skills and knowledge serves up the perfect team to lead Métatube to the top of its industry.

The meeting of two enthusiasts

            As JFK once said: “The art of success consists in knowing how to surround yourself with the best”. If this was said at the time about politics, it applies perfectly to business, as well as to the leadership team. The decisions, strategies and directions chosen by this team must be done in unity. It is this that has allowed Métatube to rapidly become a leader in its market.

            It only took one meeting for François Gagné and Gérald Bergeron to realise that they were on the same page. Conscious of their respective strengths, they also quickly came to the conclusion that they were perfectly complementary to each other. They agreed on the personal investment that was needed in order for their plans to go ahead, and equally to the sense of belonging that must be shared by every person that would put their shoulder to the grindstone.

            If Métatube is today considered a Flagship of the Saguenay industrial sector, it is largely because each one devoted themselves fully to the cause. The great reputation that has been acquired as well as the quality of the services offered by the company rest fully on these beliefs that are so highly valued every day by the co-owners.

Growing respect with our partners

            Development is fundamental for businesses; while ensuring to take into account the players and the industry that they are part of. The explosive changes undertaken by Métatube in this industry have inevitably contributed towards the meteoric rise of the company. We are aware that there is one overriding value that must be recognised in the actions that we take: respect.

            Our business culture prioritises the participation of our employees: the concrete role they have within the company is fundamental. In order to do this, emphasis is placed on communication of the highest order, helping to ensure that each member is fully committed professionally. The fully optimised and secure working environment we provide is also one of the main guidelines of our company policy. Great significance is placed on continued training programs in order for each member to be constantly honing their skills, allowing us to rapidly reach the most innovative standards levels within the industry.

            A commitment to social engagement remains an essential for Métatube in order to remain an active presence within the community. With this in mind, the company actively contributes to a wide range of fund raising activities helping to maintain strong and unified connections. Purchasing locally based goods also fits in to this drive, and we are proud to continually contribute towards the local economy.

            Finally, our undertakings to minimise our carbon footprint stretch beyond the confines of our company, all the way to our suppliers. We are proud of the efforts we are making in the manufacturing, handling and packaging sectors in order to ensure the sustainability of our environment. Eco design allows us to stand out within the market while maximising our performance.